Images by Dave Badger  and the Nikon D800

Most images captured in and around Virginia Tech and the surrounding SW Virginia and New River Valley areas.


PLEASE READ:   All images are best viewed on a large, high-resolution, wide-gamut, color-calibrated monitor to see  colors and resolution accurately. If you are like most people, you won't have any idea what that means, and won't have invested in or be using such a monitor.   But without one, some of the colors you see may appear significantly wrong, or even bad, on your screen.  

Seen on the proper monitor, or viewing my custom prints, all images look excellent -  the larger the better.  Viewing these on a mobile device or laptop will only give you a rough idea of what the real photograph looks like.  It's like putting the Mona Lisa on a postage stamp!

To back-up my confidence in the image quality, when purchasing my custom fine art prints  that I print myself on a professional Epson 3880 printer using the best Epson fine art papers, your satisfaction is guaranteed for a full year.