Images by Dave Badger  and the Nikon D800

Most images captured in and around Virginia Tech and the surrounding SW Virginia and New River Valley areas.



This is a result of your monitor's limitations  to reproduce all colors for you exactly as I  created in my images.  This is one of the current technological limitations for color management in digital imaging.  I have done all I can do with color management before I post images on the web.  But recognize that  my first goal is to produce fine art prints, which I personally print on my professional Epson 3880 printer on the best available Epson archival papers.  This combination of printer and papers is able to produce a broader spectrum of colors than most monitors can produce.  

There is then an obvious problem displaying this same image on a typical monitor.   I do everything on my end, including conversion to the sRGB color space, but some problems are still inevitable.  Hence, my caution to you here, and sharing the knowledge of what may be happening.  

I have even seen differences in color between web browsers.  Internet Explorer has occasionally had problems with color, that Chrome and Firefox did not.                   

All images are best viewed on a large, high-resolution, wide-gamut, color-calibrated monitor to see  colors and resolution accurately. If you have never calibrated the monitor you are using to read this, you are not seeing all colors accurately.  For some images the difference may be negligible, but for others it can ruin the appearance of the entire image.

So, with this understanding, if you see an you an image and think, "Wow, that might have been a great picture, but the colors just don't look right.",  remember that the problem lies with the monitor you are using. 

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